left over haggis shepherds pie

Well i hope you all had a lovely burns night and that your haggis tasted fantastic! whether you prepared it yourself or bought it from the chippy, haggis tastes much better than it looks or than the images the stories of what it contains concur up.

For those of you who haven’t tried haggis, its something that you have to try. it tastes like peppery minced meat and i think it could replace minced meat in most recipes to offer up something a bit more interesting. its also low in fat and if its bought from your local butcher theres a good chance that its not mass-produced and therefore not filled with additives and preservatives.


Last week, as you know, i made Balmoral Chicken and this only used a small amount of the haggis that i had bought so i thought i had to come up with another haggis idea that was just putting it on a plate with needs and tatties. so i decided to experiment with a dish that i have loved since i was a kid – shepherd pie. and it worked out amazingly well!

so if you have any leftover haggis lying around this is something you can consider making with it so that it doesn’t go to waste. I made enough for 2 small single portion shepherds pies.


300g of haggis

2-3 chestnut mushrooms

1 small red onion

500g of potatoes for mashing

parmesan cheese (don’t use that powdered crap – get fresh parmesan and keep it in freezer)

splash of milk or cream

knob of butter

salt and pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 170oC and fill a pot with water and bring to a boil while you prepare the potatoes.
  2. hope the potatoes into small cubes and bring to the boil in a pan of water. (i didn’t add salt as the parmesan added later is salty enough for me)
  3. once the potatoes are soft, drain and pour into a food processor with a splash of milk and a knob of butter.  I haven’t given exact measurements for milk and butter as peoples tastes vary and it all depends on the consistency you want for your mash.
  4. Grate some parmesan into the mash and let it melt in. Again, the amount used will vary depending on taste.
  5. finely chop the mushrooms and onion – or as i did, chuck them in a food processor until they are finely chopped.
  6. heat this mushroom and onion mix in a pan over a medium heat allowing the onions to sweat and the mushrooms to wilt slightly.
  7. after 4 or 5 minutes add the haggis meat and heat through making sure that the haggis mushroom and onion mix are all well mixed together.
  8. divide the mix into your two individual pie dishes or just pour into your pie dish if making one larger pie.
  9. spoon the mash potato over the top of the haggis mix in the pie dish and shape, style, mark as you like. once the haggis mix is completely covered, season the top of the mash with salt and pepper and a grating of parmesan. I love parmesan so i went a bit nuts at this bit as i wanted a crunchy cheesy topping for my pie.
  10. place the pie(s) into the oven and heat at 160oC – 170oC for 20 minutes, just keeping an eye on your mash topping to make sure it doesn’t burn. the haggis mix and mash are already cooked through so the oven is mainly to ensure that everything is piping hot, the cheese melts and the mash gets a crust on.
  11. remove from the oven and enjoy. I served my shepherds pie with stir fried vegetables and washed down with a wee whisky.

for the haggis mix, you could change things up a bit by adding peas, sweetcorn, chopped chorizo, cubed carrot, kidney beans to fill the pie out a bit more to make it go further.

for the mash, you could also add rosemary, Worcester sauce, nutmeg, cheddar cheese ad mustard.

And for you veggies out there, you could do this with leftover veggie haggis too.

give this a go, and even if you don’t have left over haggis lying about its still worth buying haggis to give this a go.





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