A blog about food, global recipes, kitchen adventures one dish at a time

My name is craig and I have decided to blog so that i can share my kitchen adventures and global recipes with the world – if they ever read this!

With a love for food, a passion for cooking and a willingness to blog, i thought i would share my kitchen adventures and global recipes one dish at a time.

having traveled to most corners of the world and enjoyed local delicacies i have always returned to my kitchen wanting to recreate the flavours and memories. luckily i have a great group of friends who are more than happy to be experimented on. i regularly have friends over for feasts and wine and up until now no one has gotten ill or died :D.

this blog will allow me to share my recipes, tips and tricks with any readers that i am lucky enough to have and hopefully it will encourage people to try to recreate dishes in their kitchen and share their experiences with me. the name, whitemencantcook was simply a play on the film white men cant jump and i thought it was quite funny to have this as a blog title.

if you happen to stumble across this blog and enjoy reading it then please let me know your thoughts and likewise if there are things you hate about it, tell me that too.

I hope you enjoy reading and being part of my kitchen adventures.


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4 Responses to A blog about food, global recipes, kitchen adventures one dish at a time

  1. Xin says:

    Awe, are you inspired by Eat, Pray, and Love?

  2. Simon says:

    Cool! I enjoy reading your blog.
    蔡澜, a famous Singaporean writer in HongKong thought eating and drinking are the most important things in one’s life.
    And I begin to believe he is ringt

    • craig says:

      many thanks for your comments. glad you enjoy reading my blog. i have been writing it for a while now and i hardly see anyone following it but i really dont mind. i enjoy the writing and thats the main thing. keep reading and i really appreciate your comments

  3. Simon says:


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