fancy fish and chips

When I’m feeling a bit low there’s nothing better than easy fancy fish and chips and the recipe below can cheer you up too.

Recently I have been busy with lots of different projects going on and today I have finally had a day to sit back relax and think about what to eat. I have been feeling a bit homesick and perhaps this is where my recipe today comes from.

I didn’t want to leave the house and have the freezer and fridge fairly well stocked I decided that I wanted oven baked potato wedges and some kind of fish and so I got into the cupboards and fridge and this is what I came up with:

fancy fish and chips

fancy fish and chips


one fish filet – I used a simple bream and I cut it into fat fingers.

2 potatoes cut into wedges – thickness is up to you. I usually half lengthways over and over until I am happy with thickness.

2 small pieces of pancetta equal to two rashers of bacon in size – chopped

2-3 cloves of garlic chopped

a sprinkling of fresh herbs – thyme, basil, mint, oregano – I went for oregano – looking for herbs check out ( for some great organic options.

juice of one whole lemon

splash of olive oil

salt and pepper

a gentle grating of parmesan cheese

Preheat the oven to 230oC

Get a pot of water on to boil firstly and then start washing and cutting the potato. Boil the wedges for about 5-6 minutes.

My fish was frozen so I filled a bowl with warm water and placed the wrapped fish filet in the water to quicken the defrost time.

In an oven dish place the olive oil lemon juice, chopped garlic and herbs and season with salt and pepper. give everything a mix around.

While the potato wedges are par-boiling take the now defrosted fish filet and slice it into smaller pieces – I simply sliced it on the diagonal and made thick fingers. place these in the oven dish with the other ingredients and move them around to coat them in the flavourings. remove them to one side for later

By this time the wedges should be ready. take them off the heat and drain the water. ensure that the fish filets are out of the oven dish and tip the drained wedges into the pan. make sure they are well coated in the mixture in the pan and that they are evenly spaced out so that they will cook evenly. place the fish filets on top of the wedges and mixture of flavours.

Sprinkle the chopped pancetta or bacon over the oven dish fish and wedges and then grate the parmesan over the top to your own liking. With its strong flavour, a gentle grating of parmesan should be plenty.

Place the oven dish in the middle of the oven and cook for 20-30 minutes until the potato wedges are cooked through.

take everything out of the oven and serve and enjoy!

if you give this a try then please do let me know how you get on and share pics with me on social media.

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