Roast Chicken with a Kicking Korean twist – Gochujang 고추장

Like most people, I do love a Sunday roast and more than any other roast, I do love a roast chicken. But the same flavours over and over can become boring so I have been working on some ideas to give the humble roast a bit of a kick and lots of flavour.

korean style roast chicken
korean style roast chicken


Koreans love marinading their meats in a variety of different flavours but they do really enjoy using red pepper paste, gochujang 고추장 as it has sweetness and heat. I just love this chili paste and thought that I would try using it as a marinade for a simple roast chicken. And you know what? It worked so much better than I thought it would.

This is something that you can try without much effort and it can simply take your roast dinner to the next level.

Imagine planning your typical Sunday roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes and vegetables but with more flavour and a lot more oomph! If you are having guests round then this will be the talking point of the week.


1 whole chicken

500g of Maris-piper potatoes for roasting

one whole white cabbage

2 cloves of garlic

2 dried red chilies

2 tbsp of gochujang

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

salt and pepper

1 tbsp olive oil


preheat the oven to 180oC

in a small bowl mix the soy sauce and the gochujang to make a paste

in one oven tray place the whole chicken and then rub the gochujang soy sauce mix all over the chicken.

place the chicken in the preheated oven and roast the chicken for 20 minutes per 500g.

peel the potatoes if you like or simply wash the skins and place the potatoes in a pot of water and bring them to the boil. depending on the size of the potatoes, parboil the potatoes for approximately 8 minutes then drain them and place them in another oven tray ready for the oven.

roast the potatoes for 15 minutes, bring them out of the oven turn them, roast them for another 15 minutes. take them out the oven to turn them again and judge whether they need roasting for a further 10 or 20 minutes.

roughly slice the cabbage into bite-size pieces.


once the potatoes and chicken are ready remove them from the oven and let them cool a little. The potatoes will be crisp and golden and the chicken will be a deep red from the gochujang.

in a hot pan toast the sesame seeds until they start to brown and you can smell their scent. remove from the heat and sprinkle them over the roast chicken.

heat the olive oil in a wok until its red-hot.

add the cabbage and stir-fry continuously. the edges of the cabbage leaves should brown a little in the heat of the wok. keep stirring allowing the cabbage pieces to cook and wilt slightly.

roughly chop the garlic and dried chili pepper into small pieces and add to the cabbage. Stir.

add a splash of water and continue to stir the cabbage until its soft and tender. it should be ready to serve.

for quickness and ease, I like to serve each of the dishes in a large serving bowl in the centre of the dinner table so that people can help themselves.

Korean gochujang chicken roast dinner
Korean gochujang chicken roast dinner

dig in and enjoy.

drop me a line on social media and let me know how you like to flavour your roast chicken.


my new oven dish

For Christmas i was given a cast iron oven dish, dutch oven, crock pot similar to the pic here.
its big its heavy as hell and its bright red and it makes me smile everytime i go into the kitchen and see it sitting on the counter patiently waiting to be filled with food and scorched in my oven – yes, you read right. i have an oven in my beijing apartment. i go the oven second hand at a market aptly known by my friends as treasure island.
back to the dish.

i have always seen the le creuset dishes in department stores and almost passed out when seeing the price tag and i never thought that i would own one of these heavy cooking implements until i finally bought my own house and settled down. but what would you know? santa deciced i had dealt with enough shit in 2010:

firstly with my wanker boss at my longterm job made me a ridiculous new contract offer that anyone with even partial sight would refuse to sign – the tight arse who still wasnt handing out pay rises even though i was making all my targets and being told that i was great at my job. So i left that job and we are stilllllllll waiting on the company to pay out the bonuses and we are all being fobbed off with false promises. And secondly and much more recently, an asshole student at my latest job, which i was really enjoying, who thought that violence was the way of the world since he was brought up in quite a rough family who continuously caused issues for the company and who had numerous complaints lodged against him took it upon himself to hit me as i tried to turn off my colleagues computer on which the student was playing online games even though he had been told to stop. my idiot boss who is so wrapped up in his affair and his love life decided that the student hadnt done anything wrong and after stating that the student is only a child (AT 21 yrs old) got me so furious and disappointed in the company that i left as i didnt feel safe there with a loved up stupid decision making boss, a violent student and his potty mouth aunt/cousin who works in the same co in sales.

back to the pot again – so i woke up on christmas morning and there is this lovely shiny red oven dish waiting for me to use and abuse and cook up some fantastic dishes in. only problem is – having lived in china for all of my working life and having not been able to afford a decent oven dish as a student in the uk, i am not too sure how to use the dish.
i have googled to see what it comes up with and i have found endless information on how to care for and not care for the dish. so i turned to a website community that i regularly view: and in particular their sub-site and i asked them for any help or tips they can provide on how to use my new oven dish to the best of its abilities.

from the huge leftovers from christmas i decided to strip the turkey of all the meat i could get from it and using my massive supplies of spices and herbs, i made a turkey curry which i thought would be nice if it was left in my new red oven dish to slowly cook and allow the flavours to fuse together in the oven at a low heat for a few hours. i was right. the curry turned out to be the most delicious curry i have ever made and i took it over to a friends house for dinner where it was inhaled.

im hoping to make another curry tomorrow to trump that one and i will try to remember to take a decent photo of the curry in the dish so that i can post it here and let you guys see it.

if you have any ideas on how or what i should cook in my new dish then please leave a comment or drop me an email.