Are you looking for global recipes in one blog that allows you to have culinary kitchen adventures that create delicious and impressive results that blow people’s socks off? Then look no further than this blog. For years I have been traveling the world exploring new dishes, exciting flavours and then trying to recreate these adventures in my kitchen.

My name is Craig and after years of living overseas, I am now settled in Bristol, south-west England, I’ve bought a house and I have a kitchen to die for where I make food to die for.

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With the majority of my travels have taken place in Asia I do love making a variety of Asian food but I am pushing myself into trying new flavours and dishes from other exotic locations.

I love spicy food and most of my dishes will involve the use of chillies.

So why a blog?

Well i thought that since I love to cook and read about other people’s cooking experiences that I would start writing about my cooking experiences and hopefully in time, people would contact me with cooking questions, provide me with tips and that this blog would perhaps encourage some people who think cooking is too hard to actually start cooking.

To me, good food shared with good friends is therapeutic. All symptoms diminish with good food and there is nothing better than watching someone tuck in and enjoy food that I have spent my time preparing.

You can find me on the majority of social media channels (see the links in the widgets section) so please do feel free to follow me and see what mischief I am getting up to. Please read, enjoy, comment, share and contact me but most of all enjoy food enjoy cooking and enjoy the happiness that good food always brings to people.



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  1. Leon says:

    Cool stuff!! Nice work!

    BTW,where can I get nice cup of coffee in Beijing? I mean real stuff!!



    • craig says:

      hey leon
      for a good cup of coffee i like cafe zarah in gulou dong da jie – great coffee, great service and nice atmosphere. check it out ๐Ÿ˜€

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